Return On Principle

The Only Investment Book You Really Need! Dave is a good friend with whom I’m in a national study group. Let us help maximize your retirement and focus on income. Master the “inside game” armed with a fresh perspective of 200 years of stock market history tied to the…

Retirement Help

Integrity Investment & Tax Advisory LLC provides retirement planning services designed to educate clients about their best options for meeting their current financial needs, help achieve their long-term financial goals, avoid common retirement planning mistakes, and…

Scranton Academy

The Scranton Academy for Financial Education is dedicated to providing no-cost financial education as a public service. The primary goal is to arm consumers with information that helps them make smart investment decisions, and/or helps prepare…
Introduction to the Universe of Non-Stock Market Income Generating Alternatives

White Paper – Non-Stock Market Income Generating Alternatives

There are three basic categories of investments: conservative, moderate and aggressive. Aggressive instruments are those primarily invested in for growth ...
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Are Your Allocations Right For Social Security

White Paper – Are Your Allocations Right for Social Security?

Nothing exists in a vacuum, meaning that even if you’ve determined the best time and method of taking your Social ...
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Understanding Social Security Benefits

White Paper – Understanding Social Security Benefits

Before you can retire, you should know what all of your sources of income are going to be, and how ...
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Are Your Allocations Right For RMDs

White Paper – Are Your Allocations Right for RMDs?

Making sure your IRAs are allocated properly for required minimum distributions (RMDs) once you reach the age at which you ...
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Understanding Required Minimum Distributions

White Paper – Understanding Required Minimum Distributions

The idea behind required minimum distributions, or RMDs, is that the government wants to give us a tax incentive to ...
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Market Math Made Simple

White Paper – Market Math Made Simple

Have you ever bought a pair of pants for your child or grandchild that were too big? It’s a common ...
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So You’re Retired – Now What?
Most qualified retirement plans offer significant tax benefits – if you’re willing to follow a few IRS-specified rules, that is. The federal government wants to make plans such as 401(k)s, Keoghs, SEP-IRAs and traditional IRAs available… Learn More
How Social Security Works
The Social Security program was signed into law in 1935 after the nation had endured more than a half-decade of the Great Depression. It was intended to provide a safety net of income for individuals too… Learn More
Retirement Expenses
How Living Expenses Change During Retirement There are some upsides to being a retiree – senior discounts, lower taxes, subsidized healthcare, and regular Social Security checks among them. On the other hand, mature Americans must contend… Learn More